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Acupuncture in Reading, a patient’s perspective.

After witnessing a friend experience joint problems during her pregnancy I was not at all pleased when I started experiencing a similar pain early into my second trimester. I had seen the agony she had ended up in and after spending one particularly painful night with tears and very little sleep I decided that hoping it would go away on its own was not working and I needed to seek advice and treatment.
I spoke with Susannah Fone who practices Acupuncture in Reading. Susannah is a colleague of mine, she practices at Theale Wellbeing Centre where I work as a Receptionist. After speaking with Susannah and realising she was able to treat the condition I booked an appointment.
At first I was a little worried about the treatment itself but Susannah was very reassuring and had an amazing calming influence which immediately put me at ease. She talked everything through with me so I was aware of the points that she would use which was very helpful.
After my initial treatment there was an almost immediate difference to the pain on the worst side of my pelvis. The pain hadn’t gone completely but it had significantly changed from intense to bearable in a very short time. It got increasingly better and is now more of an occasional discomfort rather than a constant pain.

Whilst going through my initial assessment we discussed other things related to my pregnancy, predominantly the return of my morning sickness. This was also treated in my first appointment and It wasn’t until discussing my treatment with a friend 5 days later that I realised the sickness had completely gone after the appointment. Amazing!!

I now see Susannah on a regular basis to keep on top of the pain in my pelvis and am incredibly pleased with the results. I will continue to have appointments at the intervals suggested by Susannah until the baby arrives.

I am so pleased to have found a solution to the pain and would highly recommend it.

Sam Willmott (receptionist at Theale Wellbeing Centre).

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